With high-end device with the Swedish company AB WJS we guarantee that our servicesprovide the highest level.
The technology we use allows for water-jet cutting a wide variety of materials.

The range of our services is:
Cutting steel: stainless, steel, Tool, Carbon, armor, and others;

Cutting sheet metal: non-ferrous metals, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and otherferrous alloys;

Cutting the glass: laminated, layered, armor, stained glass, and others;

Cutting of natural stone: marble, granite, sandstone and other

Cutting Ceramic: Floor, wall, tiles, plasterboard;

Cutting plastics: polyurethane, polyamide, glastherm;

Cutting rubber: all rubber and derivatives;

Edges crossed by parts, unlike other types of treatment are not odbarwieniom, thermalcure, and they do not occur in any structural changes resulting from thermal effects (the maximum working temperature is 35st. C)

Water Jet Technology - water cutting - allows to perform both one piece and thousands ofseries, and the cut edge of the element does not require any additional treatment.Execution time is significantly shorter than the other methods, and in many complicated cases, only apply this technology makes it possible to execute a design.

Due to the universal application of water jet cutting technology with the addition ofabrasive wish to develop cooperation with:

  • advertising agencies
  • design offices
  • interior architects
  • stonemasons
  • manufacturers of machinery, tools, molds and other items made ​​of metal
  • manufacturers of ceramics
  • representatives of the glass industry
  • manufacturers of aerospace

Working dimensions of the element (in plane): 2000 × 4000 mm
The maximum thickness of the item: 250 mm
Maximum precision: ± 0.1 mm along the X and Y axis over a length of 1000mm
Maximum working pressure device: 3800 bar

Water Jet device is controlled based on the numerically generated CNC code. The software we use is fully compatible with files with the extensions:

  • *.dxf – AutoCAD
  • *.dwg – AutoCAD
  • *.cdr – Corel v.11
  • *.jpg – image files